Hearing panelist gets a title upgrade


Colleen Abdoulah is now a double-Chairwoman. The exec, who is about to testify as the Senate Commerce Committee revisits the Cable Act, is chair multiple service provider WOW!, has added the chair of the American Cable Association to her business card.

She will enter ACA office alongside newly-elected vice chair Robert Gessner of Massillon Cable.

“This is a critical time for the independent cable community,” Abdoulah said. “I’m proud to lead ACA’s public policy agenda as we move forward with plans to educate policymakers on the important role we play in the communications market and the urgent need for new policies designed to meet the diverse interests of today’s consumer.”

Abdoulah has testified before Congress several times before, advocating for the interests of smaller companies in the MPVD playing field, just as ACA has traditionally advocated for the interests of smaller MSOs.

Gessner added his thoughts on the occasion of his election. He said, “I plan to devote my time and energy to ensure that Washington policymakers advance the interests of the 8.5 million consumers served by ACA Members. Retransmission consent reform is essential because current rules are harmful and need to be changed to the fullest extent possible, including elimination of the regulatory protections for broadcasters that keep driving up the price of ‘free TV.’”