Hearst-Argyle taps iPerceptions for boosting web engagement


iPerceptions, provider of voice-of-customer web analytics, announced a deal to provide Hearst-Argyle Television with tools to better understand and improve the online experience for its audiences in key U.S. markets. Hearst-Argyle’s television-station websites in Sacramento, Kansas City, Orlando, and New Hampshire currently use iPerceptions’ webValidator Continuous Listening Solution to solicit and analyze audience feedback. With iPerceptions, Hearst-Argyle aims to learn about its web visitors, more specifically that audience’s purpose-of-visit, needs, and overall satisfaction with their online experience.

“iPerceptions gives us valuable insight into who our online users are, and what they want to accomplish on our websites,” said Jacques Natz, director of digital content for Hearst-Argyle Television. “This type of actionable data will help us further improve our user experience and exceed our visitors’ expectations online.”

“Hearst-Argyle is one of America’s largest television-station groups, reaching nearly one in five TV-viewing households and more than 15 million monthly unique visitors online,” said Len Emmick, vice president of global sales at iPerceptions. “By engaging in a direct conversation with their audience to understand what works, Hearst-Argyle will be able to provide a much more rewarding online experience. We are proud to provide these technologies and features that positively impact Hearst-Argyle’s brand and overall customer satisfaction.”

iPerceptions transforms customer feedback into business intelligence and actionable insight using tools such as:

Proprietary online research methodology, with which site visitors receive a two-part invitation to participate in a post-experience survey and real-time data monitoring to predict outcomes, track trends, and create benchmarks.
Perceptual framework, allowing Hearst-Argyle to easily identify site strengths and weaknesses, discover the attributes that yield the highest visitor satisfaction, and prioritize features and content.
Extensive visitor profiling, enabling Hearst-Argyle to understand the different voices in the crowd so that it can isolate and improve experiences by segment.