Hearst Magazines launch branding campaign


This week marks the launch of a campaign by Hearst Magazines to burnish the brand image of the group, rather than any particular magazine name. According to advertising columnist Stuart Elliott in the New York Times, the “Unbound” campaign is designed to emphasize what Hearst Magazines represents as a brand after the $892 million acquisition of 100 publications from Lagardère and other major initiatives.

The branding campaign will take place, as you would expect, in the Hearst Magazines. The print ads will include QR codes that smartphone users can scan to go to a Hearst website. In addition to the company’s own print ads, the campaign will include digital ads, taxi roof signs, a billboard in Times Square and posters in windows of the famous Hearst building in Manhattan.

RBR-TVBR observation: Does it seem odd to anyone besides us that this branding campaign doesn’t have a broadcast component? Hearst does own a pretty big TV group.