Heavy advertising for “The Dark Knight” pays off


Besides all the talk on the latest box office smash it is interesting to compare the marketing and advertising that was used to promote the film.  Here is the comparison on advertising data for “The Dark Knight” (2008) and “Batman Begins” (2005), via Nielsen Monitor-Plus. 

“The Dark Knight,” which opened last Friday, took in a record-breaking $158.4 million, according to Nielsen EDI.  When it was released in June 2005, “Batman Begins” grossed $46.9 million in its first weekend (Nielsen EDI).

Could it be due to more advertising for the movie? Very likely: “The Dark Knight” had almost twice as much television advertising (2,401 units–May 9 – July 6, 2008) as “Batman Begins” (1,287 units April 3 – June 3, 2005), according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. 

The strong advertising push for “The Dark Knight” resulted in over three times the amount of ticket sales during the film’s opening weekend ($158.4 million) — compared with “Batman Begins,” which earned just $46.9 million in its first weekend. The data above provides nine weeks of TV advertising units, stopping 12 days before the launch of both films. 

As well, “The Dark Knight” generated almost 1.3% of all blog posts on July 17—way above peak posting days for “Indiana Jones” and “Iron Man.”