Heidi and Frank replacing Mark and Brian on KLOS


CumulusCumulus Media’s heritage rocker KLOS-FM LA announced the return of the Heidi and Frank show to the station for mornings beginning 9/4. They replace the long-running “Mark & Brian” show. On Friday, Brian Phelps of Mark & Brian announced he was leaving.

“After a long and thoughtful search which overwhelmed us with great, established talent and new talent waiting to be discovered both in and out of radio, I couldn’t be more pleased with the selection of The Heidi and Frank show to continue on the tradition that Mark and Brian set in place with 25 years of Hall of Fame radio,” said John Dickey, Co-COO of Cumulus Media.

The show features Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer. They started their long successful run in LA as the top rated morning show on Clear Channel’s Star 98.7. CBS then hired them away to join a legendary cast of talent on Talker 97.1 KLSX.

After KLSX became CHR AMP Radio, The Heidi and Frank show migrated over to the Internet. The Heidi and Frank show became the #1 paid subscriber-supported Internet show in America.

“KLOS is Rock. KLOS is the definitive iconic rock radio station in the World. It’s one of those stations that evokes a feel good emotion while you’re driving in you car. I’m beyond honored that Frank Kramer and I have been invited to become a part of something so legendary! The Heidi and Frank Show fans are second to none and I know they will be with us on this long fun ride together,” said Heidi Hamilton.

“If it would have been any other station than KLOS, I would have said no. We have a huge following across the world and only a station as large and iconic as KLOS could lure us back to radio. To be given this opportunity is an honor and a privilege. With the continued support from my partner, Heidi Hamilton, and the fans that never left us, and the fans waiting for us to return, the next 25 years are going to be one hell of a ride,” added Frank Kramer.


  1. Hello 95.5KLOS,
    Altogh Heidi and Frank are awesome…. There is no way and on one else can touch the fame, the show, the love, the happyness Mark & Brian provided. M & B were, are and will always be by far favorite DJs in LA. I had enjoyed Heidi and Frank with Forsty – when they were back with 97.1 KLSX but still M & B made 95.5 KLOS what is now…

    Chirag Patel
    Dearly missing M&B

    • You have got to be kidding me… I remember hearing mark and Brian as a young kid on my way to school. I returned to listen as an adult and in MY opinion nobody on the planet thought those guys were as funny as THEY themselves did. Heidi and Frank, to me, have got great senses of humor and their subject matter is usually entertaining no matter how mundane the topic seems on paper. Heidi and Frank are the new…old sherrifs in town.

      I DO miss the heel of the show Frosty … loved feeling better about myself listening to the intelligent ramblings of a very self loathing fellow

  2. May I suggest you rephrase to “will attempt to replace . . .” There is no way in hell these people can fill the hearts/radios of Mark and Brian listeners. I have listened to KLOS since 1994. Mark and Brian are kind, funny, gracious . . . I heard the Heidi Frosty & Frank show a few times as a girl in my office listened to them before I introduced her to M&B. They will never get the fan base and/or loyalty of Mark and Brian. The only people who could lure probably most of us back to KLOS in the morning would be if Preva, Frank & Kelly were to have a show. Nope. I won’t be listening. I will enjoy Mark and Lynda and Brian and Jill’s podcasts.

    • Sorry, but I disagree. I have listened to both Heidi and Frank (Frosty, Heidi and Frank on 97.1) and Mark and Brian. I have to say F&H are the best. Although I’ve also listened to Mark and Brian over the years, the last few have just seemed phoned in. When Heidi and Frank moved to internet, they become the #1 internet podcast in the country. Their fans are as loyal as Mark and Brian and I’m sure they will follow H&F to KLOS.

    • One shall no longer be able to endure the grating hyena referred to as Heidi.
      Her male chauvinistic cohort contributed unnecessary angst to the already nerve wracking 405 morning commute –

      Morning listening pleasure shall now be found on much more pleasant radio station – The Sound 100.3 FM. Knowledgable, intellectual, stimulating conversation. This station actually spins vinyl! Wondrous breath of fresh air!

      Nan, Thousand Oaks, CA

    • I’m sad to say I agree. I’ve listened with an open mind and can take no more than 5-10 minutes at a time. They sound like the typical morning zoo radio you can find anywhere on any FM channel. I will keep KLOS as one of my speed dials but only for music after 10 am here and there. I feel their days are numbered. Sadly so..I really don’t want them to go away but with this new format they surely will or morph into something we would never have so loyally listened to. This commentary must make the family from the M&B show sick at heart. To hear what their time slot has turned into. Good lord. The GM of the station of talent director – or both – need to go. Then go back to the drawing board. No worries.. Advertisers will leave in droves and that will be that. Money talks and shows with poor ratings (and the folks who brought them in) walk).

      • Mike K, you are 100% correct! My thoughts exactly! I could’ve taken Brian with a new partner better than I can take Frank and Heidi…nothing fresh there and just annoying to listen to. Goodbye KLOS, it was an amazing 25 years with M&B!

      • Couldn’t agree more. Does anyone remember KNAC? Only those few who were lucky enough. M & B are no different although they brought something much more special and precious to all our lives. KLOS will never be the same without them. Their replacements? They could only hope! Enjoy zooradio if that is your wish people. Just another reason not to listen to the radio before 10 a.m. Goodbye KLOS. Much love M & B… Long live the kings.


      • I agree. Heidi and Frank are far from the Heidi and Frank I remember from KLSX. Good luck to them. I have given them a listen and their show just does not do it for me.

  3. Brian is leaving, too? Wahhhhhhh!!!!!! O. M. G. I’m so heartbroken….I have tears welling up in my eyes….. </3

  4. If the Heidi & Frank show is anything like the previous Heidi Frosty & Frank show, they are doomed. And how can it not be? Heidi Frosty & Frank were “unlistenable”. I couldn’t hit the button fast enough when M & B were done.

    I give the new show 6 months tops.

  5. I listened to the Heidi and Frank show today. It wasn’t good. So, the Cum station was negotiating with Brian through Thursday of last week when he ended it? Unlikely, since 3 days after he breaks the news, they hire this less than dynamic duo. It seems like the Cum station was just toying with Brian so that the rest of the family didn’t have a chance to seek employment elsewhere. It’s easy to say I won’t be listening to KLOS come Sept 4 since the H&F show is lame. I do hope Preva, Frank and Kelly find jobs at competing stations.

    • I agree. Sorry to see Mark and Brian go, but KLOS should have offered the show to Kelly Gates and Frank Sontag and kept the rest of the family. It would have been the right thing to do. I am no longer a listener of KLOS.

  6. So happy for H&F! They already have an enormous established fan base. If Heidi & Frank can’t replace Marty & Ryan in your hearts & radios, then we will just replace you as listeners.

    I suppose that statement is justified, if I can inflate my ego as big as the author of the post above for a moment. The point is, well deserved Heidi & Frank, congrats & love from two of your devoted Kentucky based fans.

  7. I moved to Atlanta 5 years ago and was able to take M & B with me via podcast. I promise you KLOS has taken a turn and it’s with the help of Cumulus Media driving them into the ground. Once Cumulus moved in and started to clean house it was clear what was going to happen. RIP KLOS

  8. It is highly doubtful that – for any of a number of reasons – this next duo will celebrate 25 consecutive years on KLOS. The higher-ups may have seriously weakened their base of followers with not coming to terms with Brian. While I wish no one a struggle, I know that my heart – all of it – will remain with, and be indebted to, the kindness, joy and X factor that was M & B. To their podcasts we go….

  9. While KLOS may be losing one listener with M&B Forever, they will be gaining a listener with me! (And many more I presume).

    I am so looking forward to listening to Heidi & Frank and bringing the laughter back in to my mornings!

  10. I’ve lived in L.A. since KWST, KMET, and a zillion other stations and radio personalties, watching them come and go. Mark and Brian were funny- for about the first 15 minutes of their career.
    After that it was the samo, samo, samo, samo every single day, with different guests, the same tired lines and jokes, and that constant “heh heh heh heh heh” laugh that was so obviously rehearsed and manufactured.
    What a relief that they have FINALLY gone out to pasture.

    No harm, no foul, no loss.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Not knowing H&F, are they talk and comedy only, or do they play music also. There’s a rival station that plays music during those hours,and I hear them everywhere. I hope this is a big improvement.

  11. Finally, my mornings will be filled with LAUGHTER!!! I can only assume that the people who are totally against Heidi & Frank are geriatric listeners who are stuck in their ways. Sure, Mark and Brian were great. But they got OLD. I mean, you can only play trivia like 3,000 times before it gets lame(sarcasm for you old people). Heidi and Frank will bring in us young listeners and revive radio. So to all you listeners who are “retiring” from KLOS, Peace Out. The H&F show doesn’t need you.


  12. They finally got rid of those old farts Mark and Brian. Who listens to those geisers anyway? Other geisers? Excited about the new duo. New slew of listeners coming in.

  13. The only thing that would make the show better, is if they could revive the original Trio, and get Frosty baack. I wish Heidi and Frank lots of luck.

  14. Heidi & Frank are lame! I listened too them before
    the frank solo on kfi a couple years ago.
    Both times I was not impressed.

    Klos should just change formats and become sports radio.
    The current format of top 40 B.s is old, Old.

    It’s true Mark & Brian were growing stale.
    but they were holding up leaky ship ss klos.
    Were they boring over last ten plus years? yes.
    Tom Leykis said it best, radio is dead.
    Remember it’s all… disney’s fault.

  15. I had the heidi and frank subscription for 1 year.to me it seems it was same show every day.not worth paying for.i will listen to klos and see what happens.Say what you will Frost is the third man for that team.When Frost left.the show lost the fun

  16. I am so disappointed in the decision to let Brian slip away. Truly and insult to injury. Not only do I miss Mark and Brian- I also miss Frank, Kelly, Preva, and Danny. They were my friends on my long daily commute. AND- I also lost Todd Donahoe who I looked forward to listening to EVERY Monday and Friday. I can’t say that I am able (or willing) to tune in to this new show. I live in Oregon and listen through an affiliate station. I am not saying that M&B were perfect- that I wasn’t growing a little old of the lists that they seemed to turn to a lot over the past year- and the gross out humor that I sometimes had to turn down the radio for until it was over- but hey, they were part of my family so I just accepted them for who they were. I feel a hole in my heart….at least I can follow Mark and Lynda (and eventually Brian) via podcast. Guess that is where I will need to go for my entertainment now….Makes me think of the old tune- “video killed the radio star”…”podcasts killed the radio station”….

  17. Congrats to Heidi and Frank, these guys are the bee’s knees. I’ll listen to everything and anything they do. Good for them.

  18. I’ve listened to a few podcasts of Mark and Brian and really don’t see what the big fuss is about- they’re sure not funny, so I’m assuming it wasn’t a comedy show but just 2 guys talking- they also sound bored to tears. I was a fan of FHF and have been a VIP member of the Heidi & Frank show from day one- they are the funniest duo I’ve ever heard, and in my opinion became even better without Frosty (though I love him). I’m so excited for them with this new gig, and if anyone can revive radio, it’s them. For the haters out there, you’ll never “get” Heidi & Frank’s style of comedy- so while it’s a shame you don’t have a sense of humour, that’s your problem. All of you haters will be replaced with the massive Heidi & Frank lovers, and all of the new listeners who will soon be addicted to this amazing show. I’m so proud of them, and I’ll follow them anywhere- VIP4LIFE!

    • Its good that people born without a sense of humor have something that makes them feel like they are laughing at something funny. So, I suppose Heidi and Frank provide a service for people such as yourself. I hope you are able, through genetic treatment or an organ transplant, find a way to have a real sense of humor so you won’t have to listen to Heidi and Frank anymore. Its just a pity you won’t get to experience the amazingly funny things Mark and Brian would cook up.

  19. Heidi and Frank will do just fine with the American Idol type fan base who are a bunch of lemings led around by corporate media telling them what they need to listen to. I’m goin podcasting with Claude and Jackie. See ya Klos.

  20. KLOS will lose out on millions in advertising and hundreds of thousands of listeners. M&B made KLOS, without them they were just another rock station in LA. Look what happened to all of the other rock station there!

  21. No one can replace M&B. I’ve been listening to them since the beginning. Heidi and frank are no match. I will just have turn off the radio and finally get some work done.

  22. M&B will be definitly missed, they were like family,
    With that being said it was time for a change.
    I don’t think Heidi and frank is the answer, I always found
    Them to be annoying, But at least its not JAMIE, Frosty and
    Frank! GOOD GOD I hated that B***h!.
    Does any of it really matter? The corporate music selections are
    So pathetic playing the same ten worthless old smelly songs
    Over and over and over. My hands were usually to full to
    Change the station when M & B were done. I give KLOS
    Another year and it will be another badly needed Mexican
    Station!!!!!! Right?

  23. OK, who knows if anyone will read this, but here it goes.
    KLOS is a tired radio station. There was a brief revival with decent music selections, when Bob Buchman came one board. Music was starting to sound alive again. Then KLOS fired him and down went the song selections.

    Yes, the talent on KLOS is aged, but so is the radio industry. Radio it self is in need of a serious redo. Some how, radio needs to become modern with a blending of Satellite, podcasts and radio combined. It appears that Hedi and Frank are going in that direction.

    Heidi and Frank Vs. Mark and Brian? Heidi and Frank lost. Proven on air. But now, they are the only game in town? I guess so. Anything is better than Seacrest.

    Change is always good and to be honest, M&B got stale about 4 years ago. Right after 2 Strangers and a wedding. After that, it was just reading lists and trivia and the occasional sketch that was good. It seemed that both M&B wanted out, especially in the last year.

    So, I Wish Heidi and Frank great success. English speaking radio needs it!
    A note to KLOS. My GOD! I have been listening to Classic rock since the 70’s.. Rock is a HUGE catagory. It does not only consisite of LEP, Doors, Aerosmith .. That is why I turned the dial after M&B. Don’t be KEARTH.. find new LOCAL music! Get an edge!

  24. Wow, Cumulus you replaced M&B with Heidi and Frank? Supposedly they have a big internet following. I’m just wondering, why? I listened to them this morning. Not only did I find them not funny. (not a single laugh, not even a grin), but could they be anymore plastic? It was like they replaced Mark and Brian with tiny Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade balloon floats. Plastic figures filled with a buoyant gas. They sure as hell won’t last 25 years, I’ll be surprised if they last 1. KLOS has died and while this zombie of a radio station might have the same call letters, they have no soul and are not the KLOS I used to love.

    They should call Heidi and Frank’s show, Zombie Apocalypse on the Radio.

    Hey Frank, this is Kid Show business callin’ Catch phrases and cool dude attitude do not equate to humor.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  25. 9/4/12 lestened to heidi and frank this morning, i remember them from the other station they used to be on. in my opinion they have absolutely nothing of any interest going on and i will be surprised if they make it one year.
    what a shame ,did klos get rid of the mark and brian family for these terrible hosts. would have liked to know what happened to brian, my understanding was that only mark was leaving. good luck to M & B

  26. I listened in this morning after I had heard a snippet, during evening radio, that M&B were gone?! Heidi and Frank may appeal greatly to a different audience, but not this long time listener, (not my cup of tea). My 12 years of being a part of the KLOS morning show are over.

  27. I’m sure some of you had the same feelings when R&R replaced the big bands of the 40’s. These are the new kids on the block bringing with them their own (rather sizeable) following. It’ll be just as much a learning experience for them as you. They’ll have to figure out the likes/dislikes of their new audience and blend it in with their previous one. give them a chance…

    • First of all your attempt at a humorous dig was an epic fail. You see, the math is wrong, but I know that counting is hard for you 14 year olds.

      Secondly, there is nothing new about frank and heidi.

      Third, if I wanted hip comments and narcissism maskerading as humor, I would watch Dane Cook. But since I don’t, I will probably start listening to Sirius/XM Radio.

      I’m afraid that Heidi and Frank wouldn’t recognize funny even if it was a bird perched on their heads taking a crap.

  28. I don’t know how I missed the announcement as I listen usually every morning but it must have been on one of my off days. I thought they had been fired! But even so, I can’t really warm to these replacements. The only reason I was listening to KLOS still was Mark & Brian, After they kicked Jim Ladd out, my heart died a little. Now it’s done died all the way. Yes, I would listen to Frank, Kelly and Priva. (Priva also happens to be related to a husband of a friend of mine)

    • i second that emotrion and i also must of missed that announcement as i always listen to klos and when i kept missing mark and brian well i did not think they were fired as no one in there right mind would fire such a hot and talented funny and very knowledgeable team like mark and brian i just thought they went on a vacation. i also tried to be open minded and listened to them as being very open minded is my motto i will try anything once or even twice lol. but i just cant seem to get wamed up to these replacements and in my heart they will never be replaced! this is very freakin sad!my heart is dead as well!

  29. First of all, it was not an attempt at a humorous dig,sfb, merely an attempt to evoke nostalgia for some. Second, i’m old enough to be your father and might just claim the title since you probably can’t refute it. Third “new kids on the block” refers to their venue. If you want to watch Dane Cook, whoever the hell he is, I suggest you pull off the road. You don’t seem cabable of doing two things at once. As for Sirius/XM, better upgrade from flipping burgers. Oh, and there’s no “k” in masquerading…

    • 1. You are not my father, because unlike you, I know who my father is.

      2. Maskerading was spelled that way on purpose because it was a reference to a book title where the root word is spelled that way.

      3. Heidi and Frank aren’t ‘new kids on the block’ they were quite long in the tooth when they were kicked out of this market a few years ago.

      4. I assume you meant capable. Perhaps you were busy trying to think whilst trying to spell and that’s why you spelled it as cabable.

      So, if you are a punk kid, go have a popsicle and calm down and if you are older than me, then go have an ensure and watch the weather channel.

  30. 1. The old “I know I am but what are you?” retort. (Probably didn’t understand my original ‘dig’ at his questionable parentage.)

    2. B.S.

    3. Apparently doesn’t understand the meaning of venue.

    4. Touche.(Although I could make reference to some nonexistent book’s ‘root word.’)


    • 1. You used an old insult, you get an old retort.
      2. Maskerade, by Terry Pratchett
      3. I understand that I am using this venue to insult Heidi and Frank and as a bonus, slap down a mediocre disputant such as yourself.
      4. You could use a nonexistent book ‘root word’ but you would be the first one to do it in this ‘duel’.

      Whilst is an archaic form of the word, while. It is still used in the UK and its Commonwealth. I used it for appropriate flair, n’est-ce pas? Of course you don’t.

      Now, please don’t try getting up off the mat, I really am getting bored with smacking you down.

      • 1. B.S. (again) There was no insult except maybe to your super-inflated ego…

        2. The fact that you found a “book” such as it is, doesn’t account for the fact you misused and misspelled a word having no meaning in your context…

        3. Why don’t you just admit you’re wrong…

        I’m fully aware of the meaning of the word. Calling your attention to it was just another ‘dig.’ This is my first venture into the world of pop culture. However,I’ve dealt with people like you in many forums, sports, politics, religion, the environment, etc. You are the typical quasi-intellectual, superficial fop who’s so impressed with himself that he takes pleasure, not in the debating but the ‘debasing’ (in his own mind) of his opponent. Ask yourself this, s f b, n’est-ce-pas is certainly not a word you use often so why did you find it necessary to use it here… more flair? Also, we both know you googled it if for no other reason than to make sure you spelled it right…
        I’ve not only “gotten off the mat” but I claim victory because you will respond, (people like you absolutely MUST)and it will go nowhere. No one will read it…

        Au revoir

  31. At least you guys were not stuck with the Todd & Tyler show. Up here in Santa Barbara county that is who we got shafted with after M & B left. I’ve tried to give them a week, but I can’t stand more then a couple minutes of them. Their voices & content is all nails on a chalk board for me.

    I suggest everyone start listening to the Brian and Jill show. It just aired today, and you can download it as a podcast. It’s the same ole Brian, and doing some of the same format as the M&B show. Eff these radio stations who can’t find talent.

    • Don, I am in Santa Barbara and get Heidi and Frank on 106.3 The Surf…You may want to give Heidi and Frank before you completely give up. I was a M&B listener since 1987, but I also listened to Heidi and Frank; I enjoy both formats. They are different, but entertaining nonetheless.

      BTW, Steve and Martin should have a show….Love you guys!

  32. Really, to use an over-used term, Mark and Brian “jumped the shark” nearly 20 years ago and have been phoning it in ever since. They used to go on much longer than their allotted broadcast schedule, they were so free-form and funny…then came syndication and at the 10:00 mark it was, “Adios, people!” Right in the middle of the bit, interview, or whatever was being discussed. Then came the endless repetition of bits like dropping the “Yule Log” year after year, the same old crap. I stopped listening to them when they syndicated, immediately turning to the Stern Show at 10:00. Slowly, slowly, as they became more milquetoast and repetititve, I began tuning into Stern earlier and earlier, until I no longer tuned into M and B at all. Now Stern has had a good run and has also jumped the shark, so, who knows, maybe I’ll tune into Heidi and Frank, although I far preferred it when Frosty was in the mix in the old days. Maybe I’ll just do as I do now and listen to Sirius’s music channels without any of the dumb ads.


  33. Heidi and Frank are just staight out annoying,
    they dont really fit on a classic rock station. Heidi is just unbearable. They belong on a hard rock station.

  34. I understand what a lot of listeners are saying…but let’s look at it from both Mark’s & brian’s perspectives…one of them decided it was time for him to stop, and I’m sure it wasn’t without plenty of forethought. It was simply time for something else, he said, and you need to respect that. The other one is staying active with a podcast that he’s very excited about doing. Yes, there’s a new morning show at KLOS, Did you think Mark & Brian would stay forever? I think they made their decisions aftre a whole lot of decisions to be made. If Heidi & frank aren;t to your liking, then that’s bound to be expected for some folks. But it is what it is…the station will continue to do what it does, and they need a morning show, obviously. I’m not sure how many years they will be the morning team, but you can’t compare their show to the one it replaced. They’re doing what they need to.
    To those who comment that “it’s a shame the station let Mark & brian slip away”…you’re missing the point. If you feel the time has come to move on where YOU are…don’t you do something about it? Mark & Brian did just that, and rather than lament YOUR “loss”, how about supporting them in their decisions? Sorry to sound harsh, but that’s the reality of the situation…

  35. Guess what people…you can listen to all of them…the wonders of podcasts. I absolutely love mark and brian and listened every morning. Then listened to H&F podcast later in the day. Now you can listen to each show, anytime you want. Download and go. What a concept 🙂

  36. I couldn’t believe it when I heard this news. The one thing I will always remember about this new team, is when I was listening to them for a short while they were on 97.1. On this one show, it was the day that George Harrison passed away, and this genius Frank says “Does anybody really care that George Harrison passed away?”. And the other two do zero to argue that “point”.

    And that was the end of me listening to these tools. It had been a slog anyway, listening to endless chit chat that had zero significance or meaning regarding my day to day life. Just nothing; it’s like the anti Jim Ladd or something on the air.

    And now, they’re put on L.A.’s classic rock KLOS. What an absolute joke. I remember all those years ago I didn’t care all that much for Mark & Brian at the beginning of their run; that ultimately changed over time. The question is, would I ever give these new idiots the opportunity? Probably not. They don’t care about Rock and Roll, and the things they talk about don’t connect to me.

  37. I am trying to find job fair with Geraldo Rivera information, but i can’t go to all of the sites for KLOS because of library use limitations. Could you please post those kinds of items here as well as elsewhere on your web pages?


  39. I think goodvibe nailed it with the phrase “chit-chat”. I’m sure Heidi and Frank are nice people, but they just seem to natter on and on. Mark & Brian’s show could get a little formulaic, but at least that formula gave the show a structure. Listening to Heidi and Frank makes me feel like I’m trapped in the middle seat between them on a plane – they just seem to go on and on, without ever making a point or wrapping up a topic. I’m surprised by the comparisons to the “morning zoo” formats, too – there show strikes me as totally spare, just the two of them, no sound effects, no music, no other people, just two people talking and talking about things only they seem interested in. It’s radio purgatory.

    But, hey, best of luck!

  40. Could Mark and Brian have a remote podcast? I would pay good money to hear this every day.

    I’ve given Heidi and Frank a couple of weeks and just can’t listen to them. KLOS is now removed from my internet radio and car FM dial. It’s really sad. Without M&B, KLOS will go the way of 94.7 KMET and 97.1 KLSX. No doubt in my mind.

    If KLOS were smart, they would have found a similar team to M&B. They’re out there somewhere. Yes, they might be unknowns, but so were M&B at one time.

    I’ve tried to listen to Brian and Jill, but it’s just not working for me.

  41. tried the Heidi and Frank show…
    miss M&B
    the line was crossed when Frank called a listener a “stupid bitch”
    the listner was giving them feedback…they solicited…and it was clear
    they took it personal…
    Dial has changed and H&F will not get support from this listener…

    Semper Fi

  42. Major mistake! A very boring show. Lost quite a few avid KLOS listeners. You can’t replace the Mark aand Brian team with these people. Show is very drawn out, not funny in the least, music selections do not have the same kick. In one word “cheesy”, hello…… What were you guys thinking…..?

    • i totally agree in the what the hell were you guys thinking you l,ost some long term avid fans and listeners!

  43. this is just so sad its an era and even more than that coming to an end nobody can replace mark and brian they were freakin awesome and very knowledgeable about rock politics and so many other things they will have some pretty big shoes to fill but still no one knows rock like mark and brian do! the knowledge they bring to klos is priceless! but as an adoring big fan i am a bit dissapointed and hurt with them they left just all of a sudden left without even getting us prepared for this big change and for me a tramatic change not that they need our permission but i do wish they would of got us a little more prepared for this. they will be missed i will miss them! i love the both of you you both rock you are both my gods and both my big hot daddies forever your adoring loyal worshipping fan and submissive subject. you are my daddy!

  44. Couldn’t take these two for five minutes years ago. Can’t do it for two minutes now. Ooh, that cackle/laugh of Heidi’s. Time for me to grow up and move on. At least until 10:00, and then come back for the music.

    Why not bring Frank, Preva and some of the others on instead?

  45. I gave an honest effort and tried to listen to Heidi and Frank but it’s downright annoying. They certainly could have come up with a better duo to take M&B’s place. And dear Lord, please tell Heidi to stop that horrible witch-cackle laugh. I picture flying monkeys every time I hear it!

  46. Heidi an Frank are an awesome team. They are great at what they do. They always have me laughing. I just wish they were on a little later. It is change for M&B fans…but I guarantee most of them will be tuning into Heidi and Frank. Maybe at this time they just don’t want to admit it!!

    • Yeah….not a chance. They are in no way entertaining and are downright annoying most of the time. The Brian and Jill podcast is great though.

  47. Wow. First of all, I feel they could have waited a few weeks. Play some old clips, play some music, get us ready for the new team. Second, Heidi and Frank are not funny. He is kind of an ass, never lets her finish talking, and is condescending. Not in a fun way. By the time I get to work, I’m all agitated lol. I don’t understand….were the rest of the M&B family not even offered their own show? I think they would have done well. I had no idea who Frank and Heidi were. When I first heard the names, I thought It would be Sontag. Sadly I was wrong. It should have been Frank and Kelly, with the rest of the family thrown in. Goodbye KLOS, hello BJ podcast 🙂

  48. What complete BS. Though I haven’t listened to M&B as long as others I had been hooked starting about 5 years ago. I listened as often as I possibly could. I moved to TN last year and just haven’t been able to catch much of any shows at all. Over the last couple weeks I’ve been trying to stream it live on my phone through the KLOS app. I kept getting this Heidi an frank junk r whatever. I kept forgetting to google it after work or on the weekends to find out what the deal is. I’m at work now an absolutely can’t believe that M&B are no more. It’s such a complete bummer. Of course the show has to end after 25 years when I move away for a year. Goodbye KLOS app. RIP M&B

  49. H & F show just sucks……sorry I really wanted it to be a great show but with Frank laughing at his own jokes more then anyone. And the board guy trying to throw in his wacky little sound bite’s…..oh well time to listen to another.

  50. What a load of low class mindless trash. My two teenagers have more to say than this pathetic duo dumbsh*ts. Get someone, anyone, else asap.

  51. Heard Frank rant on the air this morning to a woman that called to tell them that they were insensitive towards epilepsy during this particular show. She had an opinion and was handling herself professionally, but instead of being professional ON THE AIR Frank yelled at her and told her to “shut up!” and “hang up now; you’re an idiot.” Maybe her opinion was not to his liking and she was overreacting, but the honest truth is that he didn’t need to go on and on and continue to berate this woman on the air just because he did not agree with her. Grow up Frank. Just because you have access to the airwaves it doesn’t mean that we have to hear you whine, complain, and be a general a-hole. This is the last time I’m listening to this show. Please get rid of these tiresome wannabe’s.

  52. I had heard a while back that Mark was retiring but thought they were going to find a partner for Brian. It’s been a few months since I listened so I tuned in this morning. I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of Frank and Heidi – ever. Frank was repeating a question he’d asked earlier, and he sounded asleep and bored. Heidi had nothing to say that was funny and actually commented on the White House having 54 Xmas trees and how happy Michele Obama was to have so many….then she attempted to crack a sorry Muslim joke that was so UNfunny and off color. I listened for a total of 5 minutes and that was 4 minutes too many. Bye KLOS – good luck.

  53. I predicted last year that Cumulus was intent on destroying KLOS and the next Arbitron numbers will surely make this clear. Last year was the last Christmas show. No more entertainment in the morning. Uncle Joe! Hope you got your retirement account all set ! No more nighttime music.
    Can you imagine the meeting? I got this idea boss – we will fire all the talent, see – then we will save money. Even though advertising revenue will drop like a rock, we will make money because our no-talent replacements work for peanuts!
    But maybe the garbage KLOS has on in the morning can compete with Howard Stern if you are into that worthless trash.
    Too bad.

  54. I too was a M & B listener – my commute is only 15 mins, but I found them to be funny – a good start to my day. I most of all enjoyed the mornings when Todd Donahoe was on – and I care NOTHING about sports! haha – he just has an enthusiasm that is infectious. So, I was sucked into the Frank and Heidi trap just because I was already there……. I gave them every chance humanly possible….they are mundane, boring and moronic…..but when I noticed there was no Todd on Friday morning – I gave up! Now my short commute is filled with alternative rock on 98.7 and I am not ever looking back. Frank and Heidi killed morning talk radio….. 🙁

  55. The new dog and pony show stinks, I can’t listen to them I have tried. Everything has a sexual attachment that gets old quick. KLOS will be gone soon to be replaced by a spanish sombrero station that more closely fits the LA illegal resident.

  56. Mark and Brian KNEW their craft, they knew rock n roll! I listened to this Heidi and Frank and it was crap! They were about to interview Gene Simmons and didn’t even know what instrument he played! Judging from their interviews, they don’t even like rock, LAME! Not to mention they are pretty rude, not in a funny way most of the time. Oh well…

  57. I tried to listen. It was good for like 15 minutes. My teenage children begged me to find something else worth listening to. We have switched to NPR.

  58. Klos music format sucks! How many times do I have to hear Rolling Stones start me up ! Or the cars just what I needed or black sabbath iron man ???? Klos is an old stale piece of gum stuck in the cracks of a sidewalk….the music programmer must be about 80 years old!!!! Gotta love my iPod and espn

  59. The new show sucks. Listening to Heidi drool over every female mentioned, then recap one of her many gay experiences, and then follow it up with the most annoying laugh in the world isn’t my idea of a good time. Nice try though guys.

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