Heineken Light debuts latest "Occasionally Perfect" moment (video)


“Handlebar Moustache,” the second film in Heineken Light’s new campaign that celebrates consumers’ “occasionally perfect” experiences, is the next step under the “Be a Man of the World” platform. “Handlebar Moustache” premiered on the Heineken YouTube channel and Facebook page 7/14 and national television 7/16. Heineken tells RBR-TVBR the spot will air on 18 cable networks from July through September, including Comedy Central, ESPN, Travel Channel, IFC, and BBCAmerica, and notable personality programming such as The Daily Show and Colbert Report, Conan and Jimmy Fallon. During the summer, Heineken Light will be the focus of their TV weight, while Heineken Lager will also receive ample support.

The “Be a Man of the World” platform follows a unique, worldly character as he celebrates the occasion where his confidence and individuality shine through – the type of occasion that calls for a Heineken Light.

Heineken worked with Wieden+Kennedy New York to create “Handlebar Moustache,” which features a character who’s old-school facial hair gets in the way of everyday situations, such as greeting a woman with a kiss or navigating close quarters on public transportation.

See “Handlebar Moustache” here: