Heineken Light set for flight on TV


The makers of Heineken Light are kicking off what they call “a holistic summer marketing effort” that will rely on television to do much of the marketing heavy lifting. And in a sign of the times, those who just can’t wait for the latest commercials to hit the air can head over to YouTube or Facebook for a preview.

The campaign will extend the brand’s “Be a Man of the World” theme.

“Our consumers formed an immediate and deep connection with the ‘Man of the World’ figures featured in the Heineken Lager films ‘The Entrance’ and ‘The Date,’” said Lesya Lysyj, Chief Marketing Officer, Heineken USA. “We worked closely with Wieden+Kennedy New York to ensure the Heineken Light ads inspired similar feelings of confidence and progressiveness while developing the creative to resonate with our uniquely American audience.”

The company said, “The first spot in the series, ‘Snakeskin Jacket,’ follows our Man of the World character as he encounters everyday situations where his fabulous snakeskin jacket may not be the most appropriate and goes completely unappreciated, such as playing golf or sitting at a boardroom meeting. Our hero’s confidence and social prowess shines through, however, when he finds himself among a unique and eclectic crowd at a secret offshore charity snake-fighting event. Our character celebrates the moment with a Heineken Light, because this unique occasion is perfect for this particular beer.” A second spot entitles “Moustache” will air in support of “Snakeskin Jacket.”