Here’s a Cost-Effective Compliance Recording and Monitoring Tool


ENCO has become the inaugural North American distributor of the Actus Digital media intelligence platform.

The Belgian broadcast compliance monitoring tool is known for its recording and compliance solution, and the two companies will highlight their relationship and interoperability between their complementary solutions at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Under the newly forged partnership, ENCO’s sales and support teams will provide Actus Digital with its first U.S-based presence.

The Actus platform is designed for broadcasters, networks, cable operators, IPTV providers and government organizations and offers closed-captioning, audio loudness limits and through the Actus-View application broadcast video logging and compliance monitoring by way of an intuitive HTML5 web-based user interface.

Operators may record and monitor any number of channels, create clips, retrieve recordings and send captured media to editing and media asset management systems, all within a single unified user experience accessible from any connected workstation, tablet or mobile device.

Actus Clip-Factory provides an integrated solution for repurposing broadcast content into video clips for web and mobile viewing, OTT, VOD, catch-up TV and social media. Reducing complexity and costs by eliminating the need for multiple separate products, Actus Clip-Factory incorporates video recording, content extraction, editing, metadata application, transcoding and delivery management into a single streamlined solution.

Actus solutions are complements to ENCO’s television offerings, including the MOM (Media Operations Manager) automation and playout platform, enCaption automated live closed captioning engine and ClipFire instant media playback system.

“Our customers have often asked us to recommend compliance logging and monitoring solutions,” said Ken Frommert, ENCO’s GM. “The Actus platform provides a comprehensive, cost-effective and forward-looking compliance solution that we can stand behind with confidence, while Actus Clip-Factory reinforces our mission to seamlessly bridge traditional broadcast with multi-platform distribution opportunities.”

Actus-View and Actus Clip-Factory will be showcased alongside ENCO’s complete range of television and radio automation and playout solutions in the ENCO booth (N2024) at the 2017 NAB Show. The full Actus platform will be demonstrated in Actus Digital’s own booth, SU11021.