Here’s A Handy Peek At Post-Incentive Auction Filing Deadlines


The Incentive Auction Task Force and FCC’s Media Bureau have released a friendly reminder to broadcast television stations that were assigned new channels as a result of the incentive auction and repacking process, and to MVPDs of several important post-auction filing deadlines.

On Monday, June 12, is the Request for Waiver of Initial Construction Permit Filing Deadline.

Reassigned stations and band changing stations that determine they are unable to construct facilities that meet the technical parameters specified in the Closing and Channel Reassignment Public Notice within the permissible contour coverage variance provided in the rules, as well as any other reassigned stations and band changing stations unable to meet the July 12 filing deadline may seek a waiver of the deadline.

For stations unable to meet the July 12 construction permit filing deadline, requests for waiver of the deadline must be filed no later than Monday.

Stations must submit their waiver requests in the form of a request for a Legal STA via the Media Bureau’s Licensing and Management System (LMS). There is no fee for this filing.

Stations should also send an electronic copy of the request via email to: [email protected] and should also notify their Regional Coordinator of this filing. The staff will notify each requesting station of the grant or denial of a waiver. Stations that are unable to meet the filing deadline for reasons other than inability to construct will be assigned a new deadline in the waiver grant.

Exactly one month later on July 12, are the deadlines for the Application for Initial Construction Permit and for FCC Form 2100, Schedule 399 — the all-important reimbursement form.

Except for those stations outlined above that are granted a waiver of the filing deadline, all reassigned stations and band changing stations must electronically file applications for construction permits to build their post-auction channel facilities via LMS no later than July 12. There is no fee for this filing.

Although stations have until July 12 to do so, the Commission encourages stations to file their applications as soon as possible. “The earlier that stations submit their applications, the sooner the Media Bureau will be able to authorize construction of post-auction channel facilities,” it says.

Additional information concerning the post-incentive auction transition, including instructions on how to file forms via LMS, may be found in the Closing and Channel Reassignment Public Notice as well as the Transition Procedures Public Notice.