Here’s A Tool That Keeps Radio A Top Choice On The Road


Here’s something that should make radio broadcasting C-Suiters a little less anxious about whether or not the newest vehicles hitting the market will include in-dash entertainment systems that diminish one’s ability to tune to local AM or FM stations.

The DTS Connected Radio platform is now commercially available, and Calabasas, Calif.-based Xperi Corp. says it will allow broadcasters “to deliver new and engaging services into connected cars of the future.”

Xperi GM/Automotive Jeff Jury notes that his company’s teams have been working with  automakers, their suppliers, broadcasters and global internet service providers to ensure that all aspects of the DTS Connected Radio system are prepared for rapid deployment, integration and commercial launch.

“The underlying infrastructure and development support tools are ready to deliver on this opportunity, and we are excited to reach this important milestone,” he says.

The components of the DTS Connected Radio solution – the automotive API, along with global points of presence (PoP), automotive hardware and software development kits, and broadcaster support platforms – form what Jury calls “a complete ecosystem to ensure a consistent, reliable service can be delivered to cars wherever they are sold in the world.”

PoPs have been established around the world with leading infrastructure providers to ensure reliability, service performance and scalability across all major automotive markets in North America, Europe and Asia, he adds.

Xperi has developed a hardware and software reference platform that supports all the global broadcast standards (analog, DAB/DAB+ and HD Radio®) to ensure that automakers and their suppliers can develop and test platforms to accelerate commercial integration in production vehicles.

Additionally, Xperi has concluded the development and implementation of a wide range of broadcaster interfaces. These interface activities have enabled the company to efficiently work with broadcasters either through aggregators (Radioplayer, TagStation, Radioapp, etc.), open standards (RadioDNS) or directly with in-house content management systems.

In related news, Xperi has brought to market the Broadcaster Dashboard web-based content management system.