Here’s The First Affiliate Member Of The Next-Gen TV Consortium


A broadcast TV company with 12 TV stations across six states is the latest operator to join a consortium designed to promote spectrum aggregation, innovation and monetization while enhancing their abilities to compete in the wireless data transmission sector.

Northwest Broadcasting is joining Nexstar Media Group, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and Univision as the first affiliate member of the consortium, created to promote spectrum aggregation, innovation and monetization and enhance the operators’ abilities to compete in the wireless data transmission sector.

The consortium is jointly owned and controlled on a 50/50 basis by Sinclair and Nexstar.

The consortium has agreed to collaborate on a non-exclusive basis and continues to welcome the inclusion of other television broadcasting entities.

Sinclair President/CEO Chris Ripley commented, “We are excited as we gain momentum in growing the list of broadcasters partnering in the consortium through the addition of Northwest.”

Northwest CEO Brian Brady added, “The consortium will provide broadcasters the ability to control their future rather than having it dictated by others.  We are excited to be at the table with the industry’s leading broadcasters as we collaboratively re-imagine that future.”

Northwest’s stations are located in the Yuma, Ariz.; Eureka-Arcata, Calif.; Pocatello and Twin Falls, Idaho; Greenville-Greenwood, Miss.; Binghamton and Syracuse, N.Y.; Medford, Ore.; and Tri-Cities and Spokane, Wash., markets.