Herman Cain says he could not accept a VP slot from Mitt Romney (audio)


On a recent Michael Savage show, the TRN-syndicated talker interviewed presidential hopeful Herman Cain live on the show after a week where his so called “accusers” publicly came forward.  During the interview, Dr. Savage asked Cain, “If someone else were chosen to run for the presidency, would you accept the V.P. slot?”

Responded Cain: “It depends on who’s asking and the conditions under which they would like for me to do it.  First, I would want to know clearly what my role would be.  Secondly, if we are ideologically and idea-wise so far apart I could not do that because I believe the Vice President should be a spokesperson for the President.”

Listen to the audio, here.

He added, “For example, with all due respect, Mitt Romney has a 59 Point Economic Growth Plan that’s got all kinda stuff in it. I don’t agree with that,” said Cain.  “So right now, today, I could not be out there helping him promote his 59 point plan.  I would have to work with someone that I could complement, not someone who wants to put me in a role I would not want to do.”