Hey, Alexa: ‘Habla Español Conmigo’


Owners of Spanish-language radio stations from coast to coast have been at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to smart speaker access en español. That is, until now. Amazon is testing what will eventually become its in-language user experience for U.S. Hispanics.

According to Tech Crunch, Amazon on April 29 started to ask customers to participate in a preview program that will help it to perfect and roll out a Spanish-language service that takes into account all of the cultural and unique uses of Spanish in the U.S.

It is presently inviting participants to drive its development — ensuring that colloquialisms, false cognates, dichos and ways one says such things as peanut butter are translated properly, depending on country of origin.

This has been done, says Tech Crunch, with prior language launches in other regions. Just try switching your English language choice from the U.S. to the United Kingdom for a chuckle and miscomprehension.

At the same time that users are helping Alexa build the U.S. Hispanic skill set, developers are being asked to start building them by Amazon. As of today, only users in Spain and Mexico could ask Alexa in Spanish a specific task.

Amazon hopes to officially roll out the U.S. Hispanic skills later this year. This will bring it up to speed with Apple.

Apple added support for Spanish to the HomePod in the U.S., Spain and Mexico in September 2018.

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