Hey, Siri … Open iHeartRadio!


Here’s one more way consumers can access one of the more popular and commonly known audio apps.

iHeartRadio is now accessible through Siri Suggestions and Siri Voice.

Introduced by David Brooks, an iHeartRadio Software Engineer, listeners who have iOS 12 or a newer iOS version iPhone, can use these Siri Shortcuts to listen to music and podcasts on iHeartRadio with the shortcut feature.

With Siri Voice Shortcuts, custom commands will trigger an iPhone to play specific podcasts or music selections from iHeartRadio.

Additionally, the Siri Suggestion shortcuts are intuitive and will pick up on the podcast or station that one prefers on the iHeartRadio app the most, using signals such location, listening history and time of day to enable Siri to learn when you use the app and what you prefer.