Highlights from Arbitron’s Network Radio Today 2013


ArbitronArbitron’s study was released to customers 9/12. Network radio is heard by nearly 179 million people each week. That’s two-thirds of the U.S. population age 12+. Among them, nearly 163 million listeners are adults age 18+. And over half of them (nearly 83 million adults), are employed full time.

Additional highlights:

The network radio audience:

• Among adult listeners (Persons 18+), gender is split nearly even: 51% Women, 49% Men.

• Listens both in home and out of home: four in 10 adults age 18+ listen to network radio in home, while six in 10 listen out of home.

Network radio commercials are heard by:

• Key buying demos: 71% of Persons 18-49 and Persons 25-54.

• Educated listeners: Two-thirds (67%) of Persons 18+ with a least a bachelor’s degree.

• Affluent listeners: 70% of adults with household incomes of $75,000+.

• Working adults: Nearly three-quarters (74%) of Persons 18+ working full time.

• A diverse audience: nearly eight in 10 black** adults and nearly two-thirds of Hispanic adults age 18+.