Hilarious creative: The power of radio advertising


So we’re doing a bit of listening here at RBR not long ago on the AM band at night. We tuned in to WGY-AM Albany, NY and heard a hilarious ad for Paesans Pizza. We asked GM Kristen Delaney to send us over a copy and found out it was all done in-house.

Dan Mussman, Production & Creative Director Clear Channel Radio – Albany, was one of the masterminds. Have any of your own we could run? Just shoot them over to [email protected] and [email protected] and we’ll get them in the mix.

Bottom line: Using humor in radio ads is very powerful—it’s our business’ creativity that gets local advertisers on board more than anything else. Spec ads are a great way to make a sale to new clients. They take a bit of time, but are well worth it. Perhaps if production gets a bit of the commission with a spec ad sale, sales and production can make a mean team at many stations.

The ads:  The first one, "How to Order" won WGY some awards, the sequel "Pres Phone Order" we just fired up a few months ago. Dan also included a couple other good ones they’ve done for the client.

Click the title and take a listen.

"How To Order" — Producer: Dan Mussman

"Pres Phone Order" — Producer: DC Hannay

"I Did Not Have Pizza" — Producers: Dan Mussman, DC Hannay

"Miss Teen South Carolina" — Producer: Heather White

You can reach Dan at 518-690-4764 or email [email protected]