Hilton, NBC Digital Networks partner


Hilton Hotels & Resorts has partnered with TravelSkoot (www.travelskoot.com), a new offering from NBC Digital Networks, to give travelers an insider guide to dining, shopping and entertainment options in up to 35 cities. Hilton guests and other travelers can make the most of their stays by visiting www.travelskoot.com/hilton to access a video sampling of entertainment options sourced from Hilton hotel concierges and Peter Greenberg, most recently Travel Editor for NBC’s Today Show.

After surfing the options, visitors can create their own “skoot,” using TravelSkoot’s map-making web site to plan a personalized itinerary. Hilton’s exclusive content is the first and only video content available on TravelSkoot.com and will also include video profiles of Hilton hotels in each city. At launch, visitors will be able to skoot around New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago and Hawaii, with dozens of other cities added over the course of the year.

The first Hilton skoots include Midtown Manhattan’s Bar and Nightlife, High Energy Outdoor Activities in San Francisco Area and Sporting Events in Chicago. 400 videos are available at launch, with another 1300 debuting in the months to come.

Over the course of the next year Hilton and the NBC Digital Networks will continue to expand the scope, customizability and accessibility of the exclusive video content. In the future travelers will be able to access Hilton’s TravelSkoot content on the road with Facebook and iPhone applications, and guests staying at select Hilton hotels will have complimentary access to city-specific dining and activity ideas. Those travelers planning their trips will be able to view skoots of Hilton properties and attractions on Hilton.com. Experienced travelers and other local experts will also able to contribute their own video content to mix and match with Hilton’s content.