Hip-Hop, Consumers and Retail


MIB Reports Hip HopIntroducing the Hip-Hop Radio Study
Radio stations using a Hip Hop format attract a very high proportion of African American listeners, a large number of Hispanics, and more than a few Caucasians. Advertisers will love the fact that the young congregate at Hip-Hop stations, for long-term brand-building. They will not be as enamored at the relatively low earning power, due to a high concentration of students and individuals just entering the workforce. But this group spends big on apparel and electronics – so there are opportunities to be had. Read on.

In the first part of this study you’ll learn about the audience in general — in particular how young this group is, in addition to being a key avenue to the African American demographic. The second part delves into media use — when they use radio, what they like on TV. Finally, the third part gets into the group’s shopping habits.

PART ONE: The Hip-Hop Audience

Of all the radio musical styles available in the BIGinsight database, Hip-Hoppers skew the youngest. In fact, the second youngest audience, Alternative fans, is almost three years older on average. Almost two thirds of the audience is between the ages of 18-34. Very few are over the age of 65. There are slightly more women than men in the audience, but there are slightly more women than men in the general population. Taking that into consideration, this format skews very slightly to the male side.

Employment/household income
If this is the youngest format audience, it stands to reason that the members of the audience have made the least progress in pursuit of a career – and that is why it comes in dead last among format groups in terms of annual household income. It skews very high in the number of students, military and unemployed individuals in the audience.

African Americans and Hispanics flock to this format, we suspect to the surprise of absolutely nobody. The Black audience is double the overall Black footprint, and Hispanic use of the format isn’t all that far behind. While it isn’t a big favorite among Caucasian listeners, it still manages to attract almost 36% of them.

PART TWO: How Hip-Hop Fans Use the Media

Radio ad influence/radio ad online search
This audience is very receptive to radio advertising in categories across the board, and it is particularly receptive for commercials about electronics and clothing. And advertisers with a strong internet presence will be interested to know that about two-thirds will follow up on an ad with an online search.

Tune-in dayparts
Better than half of all Hip-Hop fans can be found in the audience during morning drive, and although radio use goes down in general after that golden time period, this group posts very impressive numbers during PM drive and throughout the day. 12.5% of the audience is uses radio rather than some other medium during prime time hours – a claim other formats only wish they could make.

Format listening
There are a lot of other radio formats that attract members of this audience – over 60% also have R&B on their format menu, and the number that spend time with Alternative and Top 40/Pop stations is almost double the 18+ average. Rock, Jazz and Oldies are also in the mix.

TV viewing
Looking for this crowd when they’re in front of the television? They aren’t that had to find. Check out music videos, cartoons, reality TV and movies. Although 32% are big fans of news on TV, that’s more than 10% below the norm,

PART THREE: Hip-Hop and Retail

Buying women’s/men’s/children’s clothing
The Hip-Hop crowd may not have the biggest pile of cash to play around with among the nation’s radio fans (and that means among just about everybody). But when it comes to buying clothes, they are ready to pull out the wallet and get what they want. While the group skews slightly about average in their use of discount stores, their use of specialty stores is nothing less than impressive. GSMs take note.

Data flashpoint: Clothing is hot hot hot with this group. If it doesn’t seem like much when you learn that 12.6% purchase clothing on a weekly basis, consider that the 18+ ration is only 6.1%. Twice-monthly buyers are also present in big numbers.

Buying children’s toys
45% of the Hip-Hop audience will buy toys pretty much anywhere, but that compares very favorably to the 60% 18+ that have no strong opinion. Specialty toy sellers and discount stores are both favored by this group in numbers well above the norm.

Buying shoes
The use of specialty stores by the Hip-Hop audience not only echoes its apparel-buying habits, it exceeds it. This group is more likely to patronize a shoe store than is the general public by a factor of 10%.

Buying electronics
A plurality of Americans heads to a specialty store in search of electronic goods, and an even bigger plurality of Hip-Hop fans do the same. They are also slightly more likely to visit a discount store.
Data flashpoint: Hip-Hoppers are engaged in electronics to a very high degree. They watch TV, rent movies, play video games, go online and listen to music well above average levels. This is a ready-made audience for vendors of electronic items.

Buying sporting goods
30% of this group will head for a specialty store to meet their sporting goods needs. And although 45% have no overall preference, that compares favorably to the 55% of the general population with no special preference.

Data flashpoint: The Hip-Hop crowd scores extremely high in the team sports and personal fitness categories, and is above par when it comes to tennis. Camping and golf are not big attractions, however.

Buying linens/bedding/draperies
Discount stores are the preferred venue for this category. The Hip-Hop audience is slightly more apt to use a specialty store, and slightly less apt to use a department store than the general population.

Buying home improvement
A vast plurality of Hip-Hop fans heads for a specialty store when in the market for home improvement items, but in this regard, they are below the national average. They are well above average in the use of discount stores to procure these items.

Data flashpoint: Fans of the Hop-Hop format are not particularly interested in taking on home improvement projects, and have even less interest in gardening.

Buying groceries
Groceries are an item nobody can avoid, but the Hip-Hop audience is more predisposed than most to cut corners here and get what they can at a discount outlet. They are less likely to use an actual grocery store than the average citizen.

Data flashpoint: The grocery buying habits of Hip-Hop fans are about on par with the rest of America, although they are a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to snack foods. They are relatively indifferent to dairy items, but skew a little high when it comes to beer and wine. They are very open to trying organic foods.

Buying health and beauty aids
This is another area where this group appears to be cutting corners. Discount store — sure. Drugstore – not so much.

Data flashpoint: This percentage of this group that purchases HBA items on weekly basis is in the high single digits, which is enough to get it close to double the 18+ rate. It also has a higher percentage of twice-monthly buyers. Big category.

Buying prescriptions
When it comes to getting a prescription filled, the Hip-Hop crowd is more predisposed to using an actual drugstore than is the general public. But they are also more predisposed to hitting a discount outlet as well. They are less likely to get a scrip filled at the grocery store.

Data flashpoint
: This is a young-skewing format and exhibits the typical robust health one would expect from a younger group of citizens. Hip-Hoppers score high in things like allergies, asthma, anxiety and headaches. Blood pressure and cholesterol readings seem to be superb.

Buying furniture
Most Americans with a preference buy their furniture at a furniture store, and the Hip-Hop audience is no exception. But by a factor of 10% to 7.3%, Hip-Hoppers are more likely to see what they can get at a discount outlet.

Buying appliances
This is another area where Hip-Hop fans seem to be willing to cut corners. They are far more likely to use a discount outlet than the general population. And they prefer a specialty home store to a home improvement store.

Major planned purchases
Take note: This group is planning to spend in the next six months, and are far more likely than the general public to acquire a computer or TV. They are more likely to buy period with the exception of one category – home improvement. They are at par in that one.

Car/truck planned purchases
12.7% of survey respondents are going to be in the market for a new automobile in the next six months. 19.4% of Hip-Hop fans are going to be in the market for a new car in the next six months. Hip-Hop GSMs, we believe you know what to do with that piece of information.

Data flashpoint: If you’ve been reading through these charts and want to see something different, check this one out. For one thing, it’s one of the few groups in the study that prefers a Chevy to a Ford. And man, do these people have a thing for BMWs.