Hip-Hop, Consumers and Retail


MIB Reports Hip HopIntroducing the Hip-Hop Radio Study
Radio stations using a Hip Hop format attract a very high proportion of African American listeners, a large number of Hispanics, and more than a few Caucasians. Advertisers will love the fact that the young congregate at Hip-Hop stations, for long-term brand-building. They will not be as enamored at the relatively low earning power, due to a high concentration of students and individuals just entering the workforce. But this group spends big on apparel and electronics – so there are opportunities to be had. Read on.

In the first part of this study you’ll learn about the audience in general — in particular how young this group is, in addition to being a key avenue to the African American demographic. The second part delves into media use — when they use radio, what they like on TV. Finally, the third part gets into the group’s shopping habits.

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