HipCricket, McVay Media strike mobile marketing alliance


HipCricket, a mobile marketing company, and McVay Media announced an alliance to help their clients extend and translate marketing campaigns to the mobile phone screen. Together, the partners serve a network of more than 200 radio outlets, including groups such as Clear Channel, Cox, CBS, ESPN, and Fox Sports, TV networks such as NBC, ABC and brands such as General Motors, Disney, and I-Cruise.

"Mike McVay is a visionary in this industry, and a partner we trust to help HipCricket offer its full service, turn-key solution to an even broader audience," said Ivan Braiker, CEO of HipCricket. "Given the glacial pace of revenue growth in the broadcast market, station managers are looking for ways to jump start both their top and bottom line. With thousands of successful campaigns under our belt, clients can quickly generate real dollars using a simple tool that offers repeatable results without having to add headcount to manage the technology or new infrastructure.