O’Rielly To Keynote Hispanic Radio Conference


With a new administration and new leadership at the FCC, changes are in the wind that will affect every broadcaster in every market.

Are you ready for them?

Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly is, and argues that social media and other non-broadcast or newspaper entertainment and information providers are true participants within the market.

That’s why he opposes any increased ownership regulations or restrictions.

 What this means for the owners of AM and FM radio stations — in particular those serving Hispanic consumers, will be crux of O’Rielly’s conversation as he delivers the Keynote Address at the upcoming 2017 Hispanic Radio Conference in Fort Lauderdale.

After more than a decade of inertia and with new leadership at the helm, the FCC is poised to take quick action to reassert itself as the regulator of the broadcast industry. How this affect the Hispanic broadcast community, in particular, will be addressed.

O’Rielly will also touch on changes to the FCC’s duopoly rules, and how they may affect all stations groups.

Also up for discussion are how an ease of restrictions will impact smaller ownership groups, and if any changes regarding net neutrality — widely expected to occur — could harm smaller broadcast companies’ digital content delivery.

O’Rielly is considered a champion of local broadcasters and underrepresented populations.

A graduate of the University of Rochester, O’Rielly served as a policy adviser in the Office of the Senate Republican Whip before joining the FCC. He is an experienced policy analyst and has worked on banking, technology, transportation, trade, and commerce issues for the Senate Republican Policy Committee. O’Rielly was nominated to the FCC by President Obama and confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate in 2013.  He was sworn into office for a new term in January 2015.


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Hispanic Radio Conference

Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six
Fort Lauderdale, FL

March 28-29, 2017