Hispanic Television: Flat Overall, But World Cup Helps


If it weren’t for the biggest sporting event on planet Earth, just where would ad revenue be for the just-completed 2017-18 broadcast season?

Thanks to World Cup coverage on Telemundo, ad revenue from Hispanic television networks stayed flat, at $2.1 billion, according to Standard Media Index and AccuTV data.

Subtract the World Cup, and the situation is grim for Spanish-language TV.

When equivalizing for the soccer world’s biggest tournament of nations, held in Russia, ad revenue falls by 5%.

Notes SMI CEO James Fennessy, “The World Cup managed to help Hispanic TV keep volumes at 2017 levels. When we back this out we see a fairly substantial fall in revenues for the just completed Broadcast Year.”

Telemundo saw significant upside this Broadcast Season largely due to the World Cup.  The soccer tournament brought in $122 Million for the network, bringing the overall revenue to $647 Million, which amounts to 16% year-over-year growth.

Univision, on the other hand, saw a 9% drop in ad revenue this season.  The “embattled” network has faced a tough year that includes a carrier dispute with DISH Network and discarding plans for an IPO, SMI notes.

Still, Univision is the largest Hispanic TV Network by volume: It brought in $975 million this year, SMI reports.

Here’s the bad news: Univision decreased in market share from 49% in 2016-17 to 45% in 2017-18 season. Telemundo gained market share from 26% last season to 30% this season.

Paid Unit Costs

Prime-time demanded the highest commercial prices at an average of $3,753.

Overall, Univision, Telemundo, and UniMas charged the most of the Hispanic networks.

The most expensive program this year was Copa Mundial de la FIFA: Homenaje al Campeón on Telemundo, which cost $197,000 for a 30-second spot.

That’s followed by Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro 2018 at $133,000 and Premios Juventud 2018 at $113,000.

Top Advertisers

Among the Top 30 advertiser subcategories, there were some significant swings in spend this season.  The top 30 subcategories make up 88% of the spend on the Hispanic Networks.

Hospitals & Medical Centers increased spend the most, by 71%. 

Meanwhile, Department Stores decreased spend the most, dropping some 57%.

Advertiser Subcategories with the Largest Increases in Spend During the 2017-18 Season, Among the Top 30 Subcategories

Advertiser Subcategory YoY Increase in Spend
Hospitals & Medical Centers 71%
Business Services 67%
Skin Care 46%
Miscellaneous Goods 32%
OTC Medicines & Remedies 27%


Advertiser Subcategories with the Largest Decreases in Spend During the 2017-18 Season, Among the Top 30 Subcategories

Advertiser Subcategory YoY Increase in Spend
Department Stores -57%
Travel Services & Websites -27%
Specialty Retailers -27%
Motion Pictures -19%
Oral Care -15%