Hispanic watchdog praises FCC LPFM action


NHMC / National Hispanic Media CoalitionThe National Hispanic Media Coalition believes that an increase in low power FM stations could increase the Latino/Hispanic presence on the airwaves. For that reason it has supported the medium and welcomed the FCC move to get more LPFMs on the air.

The FCC is shooting for 10/15/13 as the window to start accepting applications.

In addition to getting more Spanish-language stations on the air, NHMC believes the medium may help in its battle to counteract negative media stereotypes of Latino/Hispanic citizens.

“We joined this effort so that Latino-led and Latino-serving organizations could have a greater presence on the radio dial. We need a diversity of voices to help transform the anti-Latino and anti-immigrant discourse which dominates the radio,” said Jessica Gonzalez, NHMC’s Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs.

NHMC is particularly pleased that the new rules will help establish LPFM stations in large urban areas, and pledged to work with Prometheus Radio Project to develop the medium to its full national potential.

RBR-TVBR observation: Forewarned is forearmed – RBR-TVBR strongly recommends that all full power FMs make use of any tool provided by the FCC to determine where there are gaps for the creation of an LPFM or FM translator. In particular, it will provide early warning that a 3rd, or even a 2nd-adjacent facility may be headed your way.

The good news is that for most broadcasters, the search will reveal that there is no possibility of a new low-powered FM neighbor in either classification. But you might as well find out what the FCC thinks about it early rather than later.