Hispanic watchdog to renew battle against hate speech


The National Hispanic Media Coalition works to forward the concerns of its constituency on a number of fronts, but as its name suggests, the media gets a huge chunk of its focus. Among the issues that it will be pushing in 2012 is that fight against hate speech and the attempt to increase diversity of ownership in the media industry.

In a release detailing its advocacy plans for 2012, NHMC stated, “Among the Coalition’s top priorities are several campaigns to combat hate speech in media, advocacy for universal, affordable and open broadband internet, media industry diversity, consumer protection over communications devices, and as always, striving to improve the image of Latinos in media.”

Fern Espino, Chair of NHMC’s Board of Directors, issued the following statement: “In 2012 NHMC has yet another ambitious agenda. Like in past years, I believe that we will accomplish our goals with great vigor, under our guiding mission to improve the image of Latinos in media and ensure that Latinos have a voice in the debate over media and telecommunications policies.”

NHMC is not only concerned about offensive content aimed at Hispanics, it is concerned as well about offensive content coming from Hispanics. It takes pride in 2011 efforts, including “…standing up against José Luis Sin Censura for its raunchy and exploitative anti-gay, anti-female and anti-Latino slurs.” It also took an active role in pushing back against alleged hate speech from KFI radio’s John and Ken Show.