Hispanics are leading consumers of social media


According to a new study from BIGinsight’s American Pulse series, over half of US citizens pay an online visit to Facebook at least once a day. But when the visitors are broken down into the three main US ethnic categories, Hispanics are the most avid users of social media in general, and Caucasians the least avid.

That result, of course, puts Blacks squarely in the middle.

“Hispanics are the most avid social media users among ethnic groups,” said Dianne Kremer, Senior Analyst at BIGinsight. “Although Blacks report that they spend the most time online in a given day, self-reported time spent on social media sites is higher among Hispanics.”

The study looked at six different social sites, and the Hispanic-Black-Caucasian 1-2-3 result held true from the top of the list to the bottom.

Hispanics: 60.7%       
Blacks: 60.3%          
Caucasians: 53.7%

Hispanics: 15.5%
Blacks: 10.9%
Caucasians: 4.8%

Hispanics: 35.4%       
Blacks: 28.9%          
Caucasians: 12.6%

Hispanics: 13.2%
Blacks: 7.2%
Caucasians: 2.8%

Hispanics: 27.1%       
Blacks: 25.6%          
Caucasians: 13.8%

Hispanics: 13.2%
Blacks: 7.3%
Caucasians: 5.3%

Only 36.5% of Americans are in favor of content censorship, but Blacks buck the trend, with 51.7% approving of it in certain areas. 38.4% of Hispanics and 35.8% of Caucasians feel the same way. Caucasians were more will to have pirated content blocked than the other two groups.

Top 5 Content Forms that Should Be Blocked on the Internet
Racial slurs in music/videos: 53.2%
Racial slurs in print: 51.9%
Violent images: 45.3%
Nudity: 44.4%
Full websites with offensive content: 39.0%

Racial slurs in print: 62.5%
Racial slurs in music/videos: 58.9%
Violent images: 55.3%
Nudity: 51.6%
Foul language in print: 49.5%

Racial slurs in print: 56.7%
Racial slurs in music/videos: 52.4%
Pirated content: 51.6%
Violent images: 49.4%
Nudity: 46.4%