Hold the phone for FM


NAB President/CEO fired off a letter to Sanjay K. Jha, Co-CEO, Motorola Inc. and CEO, Mobile Devices, expressing his pleasure at the inclusion of FM radio capability in Motorola’s ROKR EM35 mobile phone. Rehr was particularly pleased that the device contains an internal FM antenna, eliminating the need for a wired headset or speaker connections.

Rehr promised to feature the device at the upcoming 2009 NAB Show in Las Vegas. And while acknowledging the fact that retailers are already trying to sell the ROKR EM35, it is still not supported by mobile network providers. “We encourage you to work with the network providers to make this phone more widely available to U.S. consumers as soon as possible,” he wrote. “With your help, I am confident that we will be successful in convincing the U.S. mobile network carriers and their customers that FM radio is an indispensable feature for their mobile phones.”

Rehr noted, “Motorola clearly understands the value that FM radio brings to consumers, mobile network providers and mobile phone manufacturers. Currently, the U.S. lags behind the rest of the world in the number of mobile phones sold with FM radio, but NAB is working hard to change that situation.”

Among those benefits are access to emergency information, new music, provision of opportunities to acquire music and promotional opportunities.