Holiday Inn Express brings back “Stay Smart” campaign (video)


Holiday Inn ExpressVia AOR Ogilvy & Mather, Holiday Inn Express’s new, multi-million dollar Stay Smart campaign features two new TV spots that bring back renowned tag, “But I Did Stay at a Holiday Inn Express Hotel Last Night”.

Originally launched in 1998, the Holiday Inn Express Stay Smart television campaign aired for 11 years, and became one of the longest-running hotel campaigns in television history. As InterContinental Hotels Group said, picking up where the brand left off, the new 2013 Stay Smart campaign is best described as a fun and humorous exaggeration of how smart it feels to stay in a Holiday Inn Express hotel.

The new spots, “Acupuncture” and “Equation”, debuted 4/7 in the U.S., airing across ten major networks including ESPN, TBS, Bravo and FX. In addition, consumers will be able to see the commercials in local markets during syndication of hit programs such as Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Planning and buying were handled by Mindshare.

The effort includes mix of digital, tablet, mobile and gaming video placements targeting outlets such as YouTube, Hulu and CBS Interactive. The campaign also includes a mix of online, social media and OOH.

Creative was filmed in Toronto and features skilled professions being performed by people who were not trained for those jobs, but did stay at a Holiday Inn Express hotel the night before. “Acupuncture” takes place in a spa where a woman is being treated by an “acupuncturist“ who reveals he is actually a Panini delivery man, and “Equation” features a man resembling a professor who solves a difficult math equation in front of a classroom of university students, and admits he was just visiting his daughter who attends the school.
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