‘Holistic Campaign Quality Measurement’ Arrives from DoubleVerify


DoubleVerify, a software platform used for digital media measurement, data and analytics, has released a new product that offers what it calls “holistic campaign quality measurement and maximum brand protection across all video environments.”

It’s called Video Complete, which offers three layers of protection, including pre-bid avoidance, post-bid blocking and Video Filtering.

Video Filtering is a DV innovation that lets advertisers, it claims, “reduce quality infractions and associated wasted investment across all video environments and devices — even where blocking is not supported.”

DV data show that less than 40% of video impressions are eligible for post-bid blocking. “This challenge is most acute in CTV and mobile app environments, where measurement technologies are not widely adopted and blocking isn’t possible,” DV notes.

DV’s Video Complete works on all video ad traffic tagged with the DV Video OmniTag, with no custom integrations or re-tagging required.