Home Depot to launch “periodic line” review


The Home Depot has hired Select Resources International to lead a review of its $500 million (per Nielsen) advertising business—including creative, media, PR, and multicultural. Incumbents include The Richards Group/Dallas on creative and Initiative/Atlanta for media.

Jean Niemi, Home Depot’s senior manager of corporate communications says the review is for all of their marketing and agency partners. The review will go into 2009. “The biggest thing here to realize is this is not because we were unhappy with any of our current agency work,” she tells RBR/TVBR. “It’s a company policy or process that we’re undertaking. It’s a periodic line review, rather than your typical agency review. The reason we’re doing it is to fall in line with what the rest of the company does.”

The end result could affect radio in a big way. According to Media Monitors, Home Depot was the third biggest advertiser in radio last week with 37,595 spots.