Home Improvement Retailers Step It Up At Cable


In the Media Monitors Cable Spot Ten report for the week ending May 14, The Home Depot and its top competitor, Lowe’s, weren’t even in the Top 30.

In last week’s Spot Ten report, both Do-It-Yourself hardware superstores surged back toward the top, with a highly active insurance brand the only thing stopping from them from finishing 1-2.

GEICO held on to No. 1 with 36,389 spots.

The Home Depot climbed all the way from No. 42, to No. 2, with 31,799 ads.

Lowe’s climbed all the way from No. 33 to No. 3, with 29,980 commercials.

Also noteworthy in the newest Spot Ten Cable chart: Progressive rose from No. 17 to No. 6 with 25,493 commercials.

Trivago rose to No. 7, running 22,795 spots.