Home invasions from Floyd FM tower?


Residents near the Floyd NY tower for WOKR-FM are complaining about RF emissions that are sending unwanted programming through computers and television sets. Many also believe their health is being affected. A legislator is demanding FCC action. The station, licensed to Remsen NY and serving the Utica-Rome market, is licensed to Educational Media Foundation.

Residents told TWEAN News Channel of Syracuse about the problems, like noises coming out of a television set that isn’t even turned on, the station playing on computer sound systems and on other devices, and blame the radiation for causing flu-like symptoms.

According the TWEAN, the New York Department of Health confirmed that the station was “transmitting waves higher then what is permitted by law.” However, the FCC, not NYDH, has jurisdiction over the matter. The town of Floyd has contacted the FCC.

And now so has the area’s US Representative, Michael Arcuri (D-NY). He wrote to the FCC, “It is unacceptable that the FCC has taken this long to respond to the requests of so many to investigate the radio tower in Floyd. If it is the tower that is causing the disturbing health concerns for the residents in its vicinity, there is no time to waste in remedying this issue and I will continue to pressure the FCC for action. If this delay continues, it will be necessary to hold public hearings and call on other government agencies to become involved in an issue that could be handled by the FCC merely conducting a standard test.”