Hopes for a howling success


Animal Planet is hoping that viewers will be captivated by a love story that begins airing next Tuesday, October 21st. It’s the story of Helen Jeffs’ love for Shaun Ellis – and his love for his wolf pack. Somehow or another, Shaun spent enough time away from his wolves to get engaged to Helen, but the cameras roll for “Living With the Wolfman” as she tries to learn to love his “family” as much as she loves him.

Shaun has been studying the captive wolf pack at Combe Martin Wildlife Park in Devon, England. He sleeps, eats and brawls with the animals to learn about their social structure. And if Helen wants to be part of his life, she has to be part of the pack’s life as well.

Helen, with Shaun’s guidance, changes many of her human habits to make living with the wolves possible. She learns to growl, bark and bite her way to authority, holds a strict high-protein/no sugar diet so as not to disturb the wolves’ keen sense of smell, and rids her boudoir of all soaps, fragrances and detergents — all to be one with the pack. She even regurgitates cooked liver into the mouths of the wolves in the name of acceptance. But will Helen and Shaun’s combined efforts be enough for them to truly be accepted into the wolf pack?

Two one-hour specials kick off Living With the Wolfman, with a 10-part series to follow chronicling Helen’s successes and failures and she tries to win acceptance by the wolves.

Living With the Wolfman is produced for Animal Planet by Tigress Productions. Andrew Jackson is the executive producer for Tigress. Erin Wanner is the executive producer for Animal Planet.