Hopper out in less than total Wisconsin recall


Wisconsin Democrats were only able to replace two Republican state senators with a candidate of their own – they needed three to take over the chamber. But one of the two they did manage to defeat was Randy Hopper, owner of radio group Mountain Dog Media.

The recall effort came in the wake of tremendous political turmoil in the state when newly installed Governor Scott Walker took on the state’s public employee unions. Republicans in the state legislature backed him while Democrats fled the state to deny them a quorum.

The recall contests attracted more than national attention, it attracted a huge amount of national advertising money from extremely interested third parties.

Both sides then began collecting signatures to run special recall elections. Not only did the Democrats fail to capture the three seats they needed, they also have a few members of their own on the bubble in an upcoming round of recall votes.

Hopper’s stations include News-Talk KFIZ-AM Fond du Lac, AC WFON-FM in the same town, and two sports outlets, WCLB-AM Sheboygan and WMBE-AM Chilton.

Hopper stood by his votes, supporting Walker’s fiscal austerity program that brought citizens to the streets in the state capital of Madison. However, he had another opponent in addition to Democrats – his estranged wife publicly accused him of having an affair and essentially moving to Madison beginning in May of 2010.

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