Horizon Media ‘Testing’ Comscore Local TV Currency for 2023


Horizon Media is “testing” a local TV measurement tool from Comscore as a new form of currency for 2023 planning and buying — a move that puts more pressure on Nielsen as advertisers and media companies seek the best audience ratings in a world with multiple screens and cross-device consumption.

This partnership follows Horizon Media’s commitment to transact up to 15% of Upfronts with alternative currencies, Comscore says.

The assessment will be conducted in two phases.

The first will be a data analysis and discovery phase that will test the rigor, stability, and viability of Comscore data as an alternative local currency.

In the second phase, which will be an in-market, live test, Horizon will assess outcomes based on client/brand objectives and needs from test plans and buys. “This phase of the test will also enable Horizon to test the technical and commercial viability of further use of Comscore local products,” Comscore says.

Comscore was the lone local TV measurement solution selected to participate in the test, following a comprehensive RFP process, it notes.

Eric Blankfein, EVP of Horizon’s CORD, commented, “Horizon is looking to evaluate Comscore on various elements of the ‘currency’ process. This will range from the efficacy of the planning data and tools to the stability and volatility of the data over time, as well as its usability within the buying process with Strata/Freewheel. We will also be assessing the ability to seamlessly onboard 1st and 3rd party targeting We are encouraged by Comscore’s position on all these elements, enough so to give them the balance of 2022 to test as an alternative local video currency.”

Comscore Chief Revenue Officer Carol Hinnant added, “As brands continue to invest in local media, due to its consumer relevancy and proximity to point of purchase, the need for better reliable measurement has grown with it. We have worked through a lengthy RFP process with Horizon to substantiate that Comscore is the optimal provider for local currency. Comscore has been the only true local-market currency against the incumbent for more than ten years and we are proud to count Horizon among those looking for a more reliable and innovative alternative. We look forward to continuing through the testing phase and working with Horizon as we continue to advance innovation in local TV measurement.”


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