Hot dog attack ad debunked


A vegetarian group has an ad out showing kids enjoying hot dogs in their school cafeteria, until one little boy laments the fact that he was diagnosed with late-stage colon cancer. While there are links to certain foods and certain cancers, they generally involve adults, not children, and in the case of hot dogs, there is no proven danger in eating one occasionally, according to health experts talking to the Associated Press. That is not to say hot dogs are at the top of the health food pyramid. Experts say lack of exercise, and avoidance of fruits and vegetables are more serious health problems.

RBR/TVBR observation: We understand the allure of shock to grab attention, but going too far in an advertisement probably damages the cause of the advertiser more than it helps. When a campaign is so over the top, it may well weaken similar campaigns that stick more closely to reality. The same goes for product advertising – you can make fantastic claims, but if the product cannot deliver, you will no doubt have alienated customers for life.