House GOP Responds to FCC Title II Action


Marsha BlackburnIt comes as no surprise that Republicans in the House of Representatives have moved to counter the FCC’s application of Title II authority to internet regulation. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) had a previously-introduced bill all ready to go and it’s now back in the hopper.

The bill – The Internet Freedom Act – previously had 19 co-sponsors, and all 19 are back on board.

The bill states that the FCC’s net neutrality rules “shall have no force or effect,” and it prohibits the FCC from reissuing any new net neutrality rules.

“Last week’s vote by the FCC to regulate the Internet like a 1930s era public utility is further proof that the Obama Administration will stop at nothing in their efforts to control the Internet,” Blackburn said. “There is nothing ‘free and open’ about this heavy-handed approach. These overreaching rules will stifle innovation, restrict freedoms, and lead to billions of dollars in new fees and taxes for American consumers.