House panel tees up audio hearing


Greg WaldenGreg Walden (R-OR), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology is holding a hearing on the 68th anniversary of D-Day entitled “The Future of Audio.”

The Subcommittee is part of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and the hearing kicks off at 10:15 AM. Other than that, details on the subject matter to be discussed are sketchy.

An E&C spokesperson told RBR-TVBR, “This hearing will examine how advances in consumer electronics – as well as broadcasting, the Internet, and other communications platforms – are changing the way Americans gain access to and consume audio content.

Further details should be made public shortly.

RBR-TVBR observation: Broadcast radio is a sure bet to have a place in this hearing, and there is nobody better in Congress to wield the gavel than Walden, from a radio perspective.

As an owner and operator of a small group in small-market portions of Oregon, Walden is keenly aware of the challenges radio broadcasters face and the economic, entertainment and information benefits they offer to the citizens in the areas they serve.

The fact that the radio business knows going into the hearing that it has at least one knowledgeable spokesperson is great. The fact that that person has the best seat in the house is priceless.