House panel tees up receiver hearing


U.S. CongressThe usual approach to solving the upcoming spectrum crunch is to either find frequencies that are lying fallow or free up frequencies that are in use. The House Communications Subcommittee will look at another approach – better receivers.

The idea is that receivers which do a better job of pulling content off a particular frequency can allow services to be spaced closer together without causing interference.

The subcommittee under chair Greg Walden (R-OR) will consider the matter on 11/29/12 at a hearing kicking off at 10AM eastern.

The session is being called, “The Role of Receivers in a Spectrum Scarce World.”

Walden (R-OR) said, “Spectrum is essential to jobs, technology, and the economy. The demand for spectrum, however, is quickly outpacing the usable supply. As part of the subcommittee’s ongoing conversation on making smarter use of spectrum, we will discuss the role of receivers and examine how we can stay flexible while preparing for the next generation of innovation and advancement.”