Houston and Credit Counseling


What do they have in common? Media Monitors took a look at that city, along with the rapidly emerging Credit Counseling category for how many spots ran last week. The #1 radio advertiser in Houston last week was Gallery Furniture with 855 spots. Coming in #2, was Verizon with 801 ads, while Chase was #3, up from #67, with 635 commercials. Spence Diamonds shined at #4 with 609 spots and AutoZone hit #5 with 542 spots. Wal-Mart was #6 airing 537 spots, while McDonald’s was #7 running 508 spots. Wells Fargo jumped to #8 with 460 ads and Bud Light was #9 with 451 commercials. Coming in #10 was Toyota with 443 spots.

In the US last week, CreditAnswers was #1 in this category with 5,621 ads. Consumer Debt Advocate was #2 with 3,895 spots, while CreditGuard of  America was #3 airing 2,992 commercials. Credit Card Relief was #4 with 2,941 ads and Consolidated Credit Counseling Services was #5 running 2,926 spots. Debt Free Stimulus was #6 with 2,360 ads, while Freedom Debt Relief was #7 airing 2,133 spots. American Debt Associates jumped #19 to #8 with 1,857 ads and National Debt Associates was #9 with 1,699 spots. Relion Group was #10 with 1,507 spots.

National Spot Ten
#1 again was Geico with 34,657 spots. Verizon was #2 with 30,291 ads, while The Home Depot was #3 airing 24,085 announcements. McDonald’s was #4 with 23,948 and AutoZone was #5 with 23,855 spots.

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