Houston sports talker set to go national


It should come as no surprise that the star attraction of the “Sean Pendergast Show” is Sean Pendergast – it is a sports talk radio programming airing in the Houston market. But Pendergast is about to get a much bigger footprint, thanks to Mission Media Group and its Sporting News Radio operation.

On Independence Day, 7/4/11, Pendergast will go national. His show will air from 1PM-4PM eastern.

“We think Sean is a special talent,” said Mission Media Group’s President, David Gow. “He currently hosts a local sports talk show in the Houston market, and he has a great track record. We’ve watched how he handles callers and drives his show, and we find him to be funny, intelligent, and entertaining. He is poised for the national stage.”

“Our plan is simple. Sean is already very popular in Houston. He is a successful sports columnist and one of the spokespeople for both the Bear Bryant and Lombardi awards,” said Sporting News Radio’s Program Director, Craig Larson. “We’re just going to leverage that popularity to a national level.”

Pendergast’s ascension marks the exit of The Two Live Stews, a program which originates in Atlanta. SNR execs said they simply believed it was time to make a change.

“As a long time listener to Sporting News Radio, this is a dream come true. I created my show to be different. Affiliates will find my show to be a distinctive blend of sports irreverence, humor, pop culture, listener interaction and guests. I’m confident it will resonate and stand out on a national stage. My goal every day is to be memorable,” stated Pendergast.