How cable contributes to the high cost of living


The good news, we suppose, for a Beavercreek OH subscriber to a local Time Warner Cable system is that a bill for service came in well below $16.5M, if you consider about $81K to be a significant savings on any monthly bill. Still, many would balk at paying more than $16.4M for cable service.

According to the Dayton Daily News, the subscriber, Lt. Daniel DeVirgilio, stationed at nearby Wright-Patt AFB, had a charge to his credit card of $16,409,107 refused due to insufficient funds.

He said that had he known the bill would have been that high, he would have gone ahead and ponied up an additional $5.00 to get a month’s worth of Showtime added to his channel lineup.

A human typing error was blamed for the overcharge. The subscriber did not actually receive a bill stating that he owed the $16.4M+, nor did anybody attempt to place that amount on his credit card balance.

The subscriber said the error did cost him 40 minutes on the phone with a very confused TWC employee who had trouble tracking down the source of the error. He said most of his recent viewing had centered on NCAA basketball – he calculated that his following of the Sweet Sixteen round cost him over $1M per team.