How Diddy will change the music TV landscape


Revolt TVRevolt TV’s entré into music television made a big splash, but P. Diddy – a cultural curator of our generation – must understand how to attract Millennials and keep their attention or risk becoming inconsequential with the likes of Fuse TV and MTV2.

Revolt TV’s timing couldn’t be better.  We are at the pinnacle of where social media, technology and music intersect. Millennials are excited about “emerging artists” and getting the latest news on their favorite artist or band. They are listening and watching on a range of digital devices. They love to let other people know who they are listening to and have dozens of channels to disseminate that information. This trifecta of activation gives Diddy an amazing starting-point for his channel.

But just throwing a channel up on the dial and putting Diddy’s name behind it isn’t enough.

Madison Square Garden Co. has struggled to find a footing for its music-TV channel, Fuse, which averages just 55,000 viewers in prime time and has been rumored to be for sale. This was even after Fuse shifted last year to focus more on music news. MTV’s channels have struggled as well, with MTV2 averaging about 161,000 viewers in prime time and VH1 Classic watched by just 39,000 viewers.

Instead, Diddy should focus on providing good content and market it in a way that resonates with Millennials, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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