How Fox News Will Survive


FOX NewsRoger Ailes resigned Thursday as chairman and CEO of Fox News amid allegations of sexual harassment. Here’s why analysts don’t believe his departure will hurt the brand long-term.

The New York Times reported Ailes cannot start a competitor to Fox and will continue to be an advisor to the news division in the interim.

High ratings because of the interest in the presidential election work in the network’s favor.

“You have a few months right now where you are pretty much well assured that you won’t have an audience issue, so it is a good time to lock up talent and make sure the course is corrected,” according to Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser.

A media buyer noted advertisers would have to see a drop in viewers before they would do anything and added he’s not heard from concerned clients.

We reported Wells Fargo noted it was difficult to forecast the outcome should Fox talent choose to follow Ailes out the door. “We don’t know if Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and/or Greta Van Susteren also exit the network,” wrote Marci Ryvicker in a research note.

Ailes has denied allegations of sexual harassment.


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