How To Construct Your Digital Rate Card


TORONTO — A provider of digital revenue-generating tools and audience engagement software for radio stations across the U.S. and Canada will present on Thursday its second in a series of webinars designed to empower media companies through digital technology.

The February 28 webinar from SoCast Digital, based in Toronto, is “Building Your Digital Rate Card: Everything You Need for Your Sales Team to Drive Digital Revenue.” 

Participants who wish to participate in the free webinar are asked to register for the 2pm Eastern event by clicking here.

Digital opportunities for sales, programming, and promotion departments are the key focus areas of the webinar.

Topics covered in “Building Your Digital Rate Card” include:

    • Building your digital revenue toolkit
      • everything you can sell to generate digital revenue and deliver results for your local ad partners
  • How to set digital rates and pricing
  • How to integrate digital offerings with broadcast
  • What to include in your Digital Media Kit for prospective and active ad partners

“A recent Borrell Associates study revealed that 97% of radio advertisers are buying digital, but only 25 percent of a station’s advertisers are buying their digital from radio,” said SoCast CEO Elliott Hurst. “That means there’s a lot of money being left on the table for someone else. We believe radio can grow its share of revenue significantly with digital, and our goal is to help radio do that.”

Eric Eisen, Director of Sales and Marketing for SoCast, will present the webinar.

— Faith Newton, in Markham, Ontario