How to fix the PPM problem in LA and nationwide


Nielsen1Well, the news came out 6/16 that the PPM numbers delay in LA was caused by a media-affiliated household had been identified in Los Angeles, and that it was connected to a Univision Radio programmer from its Regional Mexican KSCA-FM there in the market.

We originally told you so on 6/11: “Well, now we’ve heard a bit more of what caused the delay and it’s not El Mandril. Said an RBR-TVBR source: “The ratings have been delayed until Tuesday. It has to do with a very important station in Los Angeles, not Mandril’s KXOS-FM. An employee of this radio station was caught having PPM devices completely under his control. Everything is going to be open about this in a couple of days.”

Specifically, the household was separate from and unrelated to the prior problem that Nielsen had identified in connection with the LA ratings.  Subsequent to last week’s announcement about the delay in Los Angeles PPM data, Nielsen learned that the Univision- affiliated household participated in the sample during the May 2014 and April 2014 report periods. They removed the household from the panel in addition to removing the household that did not meet quality control standards last week. Both households had been installed for an extended period. Nielsen will conduct an impact analysis extending back over the last year and will provide the market with this analysis.

An RBR-TVBR source tells us that this has been simmering for some time and that they first thought something was wrong in the market over El Mandril’s numbers jump from a 1.8 to a 2.6. March on KXOS, El Mandril had a 1.8. In April, that was up to 2.6 P6+. While El Mandril was not the cause of this delay, it got some antennas up in SoCal, and we’re not talking about those atop Mt. Wilson.

Said the source:

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