How To Show Clients A Station’s Reach? MapIt


Futuri Media, the SaaS technology working to drive audience and revenue growth for its broadcast media clients, has added the TopLine-MapIt feature to its TopLine system.

The tool creates custom maps showing stations’ geographic reach relevant to a potential client’s business.

TopLine-MapIt is now available to display sales research for business categories for TopLine subscribers.

:Futuri’s TopLine is designed to give sales professionals their time back, so they can focus on what they do best — developing business,” Futuri says. “TopLine provides resources for sales teams in the field at every step in the sales process, from positioning to presenting and closing.”

TopLine earlier this year announced a new Appointment Prep Report feature, which includes Decision-Maker Personality Profiles: Information to help determine the best way to communicate with prospects and key decision makers. The report includes an overview of their personality-type, tips to communicate effectively, and how to set the agenda for the most compelling meeting.

TopLine-MapIt maps overlay the stations’ geographic reach with data that’s specifically relevant to a client’s business.

The end goal, Futuri says, is to provide buyers with a highly effective visualization to demonstrate how station audiences geographically relate to a sponsor’s brand and business goals. These are critical visualizations to help tell the story of why local radio advertising works.

“Data is a crucial tool for making decisions, but there’s just so much of it. We built TopLine on turning that data into insights, and that helped us deliver more than $100 million in revenue to our partners in 2017,” Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig said. “As data-visualization becomes an increasingly important part of the broadcast marketing sales and engagement landscape, we’re committed to providing even more tools to develop and close business.”

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