How to Up Your Sales Game


What if you could make one significant change in the way you sell your radio stations, and it could have a major impact on your sales?

Let’s face it — you’ve heard it all. You’ve seen every sales theory on Earth and, by now, you are already doing the things you’ve learned. But what if you could discover a few very significant things that would really move the needle? Things that could launch your sales to a higher level? Things that would allow you to compete against digital competitors?

Following two years of turmoil and distractions, it’s time to get back on track. It’s time to rethink sales strategy, refresh management skills, and refocus goals and expectations. It’s the Radio Masters Sales Summit, presented by Radio Ink and The Center for Sales Strategy.

We know you’re busy. So the Radio Masters Sales Summit will be a quick in and out. Depending on flights, you can fill your mind with incredible knowledge and powerful tools without more than two days out of the office. We will provide you two days of intense learning, brainstorming, and idea exchange featuring techniques revealed by leading sales and sales management experts (not all are within the industry).

Who Should Attend?
If you are involved in selling radio, managing radio, managing a sales department, or managing employees in your group, these will be the two most important days of your year. The summit will be packed days of sales, sales marketing, and management development, hard facts, and important trends, along with some entertainment and surprises to make it fun.

Presented at the beautiful Intercontinental at Doral in Miami, the Radio Masters Sales Summit will include the 30th annual Radio Wayne Awards presentation, sponsored by QUU, and followed by a cocktail reception with an emphasis on networking and lively conversation.

The summit is designed to fit your busy schedule. That’s why we’ve packed so much into the agenda. Expect to turn off your voicemail, shut down your e-mail, and immerse yourself in learning. You’ll go home exhausted, but filled with energy and renewed purpose. You’ll count the hours until you can share what you learned with your team and implement fresh ideas designed to overcome competitors and enhance your bottom line.

Register today for the Radio Masters Sales Summit. We guarantee you’ll leave filled with renewed purpose and fresh ideas that will open doors to greater sales success!


The Radio Masters Sales Summit is produced by Radio Ink and Streamline Publishing with the cooperation of The Center for Sales Strategy.