How Turner Is Re-Thinking the Ad Model


TurnerTurner hears from ad buyers and sellers loud and clear — there’s too much clutter on cable channels and the company intends to do something about that.

That’s why Turner says it’s developing the Turner Ad Lab, an advisory board comprised of representatives from trade groups, research companies, tech start-ups and ad agencies.

The outfit’s goal will be to deliver better a viewer experience with advertising across all platforms, and also build ad effectiveness.

“We know that video advertising is welcomed by consumers and has impact, but we need to consider ways to improve the content and environment,” says Turner chief research officer Howard Shimmel.

Turner has begun to reduce its commercial loads on TNT and truTV.

Initially the new Ad Lab will focus on three things: commercial pod structures, new ad platforms/placements and creative treatments and executions. Part of its mission is helping individual ads to stand out more, says Turner.