How Will Gen Z Disrupt TV and Video?


By Robin Hafitz
Open Mind Strategy

Just as marketers have finally mastered millennials (they tend to be more idealistic, need more feedback, and likely to see their “side hustle” as core to their identity), along comes Gen Z.  This cohort, with its highly unsatisfying name (what will we call the next wave now that we’re out of letters?), ranges from tweens to those up to the age of 20.

In that stage of life, marketers dream of connecting early to drive brand loyalty before habits harden.

As researchers, we’re constantly in the field, speaking to and surveying consumers — especially young consumers — for clients in categories ranging from business to baubles.  In some ways, we find Gen Z to be “amplified Millennials” – even more diverse and committed to diversity, for example.

In other ways, we find them to be “anti-Millennials” – less idealistic and more cynical.  One particularly interesting thing is learning just how different Gen Z is regarding video content compared to Millennials.

Marketers and programmers shouldn’t expect that the tricks that work with Millennials will continue to work with younger consumers.

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