Howard Stern associate heckled Weiner at resignation (video)


After making a public spectacle of himself with lewd photos he sent via Twitter, Rep. Anthony Weiner (pictured left) couldn’t even resign without it becoming a media circus.

His announcement in Brooklyn, NY – carried live by multiple networks – was punctuated by heckling from one of the regulars from the Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM.

About halfway through the Fox News clip below a heckler can be heard calling out. The words aren’t clear, but he apparently made remarks about the congressman’s genatalia displayed in the photos.

Local reporters identified the heckler as Benjy Bronk, (pictured right) who appears regularly on Stern’s show and has previously heckled Weiner.

For anyone worried about how the disgraced politician will support his pregnant wife, there’s news that porn king Larry Flynt has offered him a job that pays more than being a Member of Congress. No word on whether Weiner will accept.

RBR-TVBR observation: The strangest part of the resignation announcement was when Weiner thanked his parents for teaching him his values. Was that supposed to be a compliment?