Howard Stern beats Ryan Seacrest in poll


Who has the “Best Face for Radio”? An online poll by the self-proclaimed “Arbiters of Fame” website, 15 Seconds of Fame (, had Howard Stern thumping Ryan Seacrest in one week of voting.

“For ten straight days, Howard Stern earned the most votes during our ‘Best Face for Radio’ contest. While Seacrest has led the tiring American Idol for almost a decade, media pundits may be correct in doubting NBC’s decision to choose the highly controversial Stern as a judge on their competing television program, America’s Got Talent.  Users from every state and 50 countries chose Stern as not being TV friendly,” said the site’s founder John Bonaccorso.

Seacrest, of course, has long been a TV personality as well, including his New Year’s Eve show with Dick Clark which attracted over 22 million viewers. But Stern has focused his career nearly exclusively on radio, until his recent hiring as a judge on AGT.

“Our team originally created this contest to tease me, an admittedly Stern super-fan, while also polling people to gauge the wisdom of NBC’s decision to hire Stern to join NBC’s lineup,” said Bonaccorso. “The only bright spot for NBC, may be Stern had almost ten times the votes as Ryan Seacrest, proving his wide spread appeal.  Stern had more than 500,000 votes when the seven day contest ended Monday morning with Seacrest earning around 55,000 votes.”

At, “talent” is very loosely defined. Users compete in diverse contest categories spanning everything from Idol-esque singing and dancing to stupid human tricks, sports feats and cheesy pick-up lines. Anyone can upload, view and judge any of the 15 second long video clips or photos.  The site has been online since 2009.